My roles:

UI/UX Designer


ProFit is a weight loss app I created from concept to prototype. I began by creating personas, task flows, and journey mapping. I used Axure to create medium fidelity wireframes and Adobe XD for prototyping. Additionally, I made a comprehensive style guide and asset list that would allow anyone to seamlessly join the development project.

The idea of the app is that players can compete against each other in friendly weight loss competitions. They bet money and those who win the contest split the pot.

Fur the Game

My roles:

UI/UX Designer

Fur The Game is a first-person puzzle game where the player explores an exciting world inhabited by adorable creatures called Furs. The player rescues these creatures, nurtures and cares for them, and throws them around to solve puzzles.

This game was inspired by a desire to create a unique player-AI relationship founded on exploration, puzzle-solving, and the need to love these creatures. The game received few notable awards and was featured at PAX 2018 and Boston Festivals of Indie Games 2018.

I designed the game's user interface to have a  cute and fun feel. My goal was enhance the user's experience by making fun and clear UI. I created a guide outlining the UI's color palette and typefaces.


Jaywalker AR

My roles:

UI Artist, Graphic Designer, 3D Artist


Using augmented reality technology, dodge cars in an immersive, real time experience. Avoid oncoming traffic in this exciting game developed for the Microsoft HoloLens.

Jay Walker was displayed at PAX East 2017-2018 and is now available for download in the Microsoft Store.

Click for game play video and review

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My roles:

UI/UX Designer, Character Artist, Environment Artist


Project Triage is post-disaster triage simulator, which will help train first responders to triage victims in different disaster scenarios. This is a Live Studio Project for MassDiGI who works with Yale Medical Group on this project.


The simulation currently has a school environment and simulates a school shooting scenario. The environment features several classrooms, a library, hallways, and a lobby area.


My roles:

UI Artist, Environment Artist


Control time in this 3D platformer game. The environment is active as platforms fall apart. Rewind and fast forward time to reverse and speed up the disintegration of the surrounding environment. The player must figure out when to use each power wisely in order to navigate through the world.

Our team created Finite during Train Jam 2018 within 52 hours.


My roles:

UI/UX Designer, Character Artist, Environment Artist


Mythicast: Arcane Academy is a mobile game where players use magic to duel each other. Spells are casted by memorizing symbols you draw in combat.

In the classroom, learn skills to defeat even the greatest foes. In the arena, battle opponents in an arcane competition. Cast elements, customize your character, and battle your friends in magical duels.


Our team, ML Studios, has been working on the game for about 2 months. Mythicast won second place for best indie game and business plan.

Mythicast was mentioned in a Gamasutra article: