United Way of Central Massachusetts

As a design consultant, I redesigned the United Way of Central Massachusetts website for their 100th anniversary.


To begin, I re-established the information architecture of the website to improve usability. I simplified verbiage and made sure important information, such as the donate button, was visible. Additionally, I utilized United Way's branding guidelines to ensure cohesion, and I showcased photographs in a more engaging manner.

Preview the website here.


ACCL Marketing

I designed ACCL Marketing's website to be sleek, modern, and professional.

To ensure ease of finding information, I began by establishing the website's information architecture. The website layout is simple to draw attention to only the most important elements. I created a style guide with colors and typography. The theme is monotone with a pop of red for accents. This allows important elements to stand out.

Preview the website here.

ProFit UI/UX Design
ProFit UI/UX Design
ProFit Wireframes


ProFit is a weight loss app I designed from concept to clickable prototype. I began by creating personas, task flows, and journey mapping.


I used Axure to create medium fidelity wireframes and Adobe XD for prototyping. Additionally, I made a comprehensive style guide and design specifications which would be handed off for development.

Fur user interface
Fur the Game
Fur at Boston FIG
Fur at Boston FIG
Fur at Boston FIG

Fur the Game

Fur the Game is a first-person puzzle game inspired by a desire to create a unique player-AI relationship founded on exploration, puzzle-solving, and the need to care for these creatures.

I designed the game's user interface to be colorful and fun, appealing to children. In addition, the UI and controls are simple enough for all ages to learn. During play-testing, most children played with very little guidance, which was my primary goal. I created a style guide outlining the UI's color and typography for easy hand-off to development.

The game is available to play on Steam.


Jaywalker AR

Using AR technology, the player dodges oncoming traffic in this exciting game developed for the Microsoft HoloLens.

I designed the user interface and marketing material to promote the game.

JayWalker is available to play in the Microsoft Store.

Click for game play video and review

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Project Triage is post-disaster triage simulator, which will help train first responders to triage victims in different disaster scenarios. This is a Live Studio Project for MassDiGI in collaboration  with the Yale Medical Group.


I designed user interface art to provide progress and feedback to the player. In addition, I created 3D character and environment art. The game was created in Unity Engine.


In Finite, the player must navigate through an environment as platforms fall apart. Rewind and fast forward time to reverse and speed up the disintegration of the surrounding environment.

My role was to design and implement the user interface into Unity. Additionally, I created 3D environment assets.